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Gadgeteer: Psion Series 5mx
<p> </p> <p>i have noticed that there is still no mention of the new 5mx machine from psion, so wanted to offer my own brief review of it.&nbsp; there are several excellent reviews already available that go into extreme detail about the specific differences from the series 5, so i am not going to cover this material.&nbsp; see the site for that info. </p> <p> * in summary, the 5mx is twice as fast, has 16mb internal memory (twice the memory), and has updated applications including: email, web browsing, jotter, sorting in the spreadsheet, outline view in the word processor, and a stylish (imho) silver-grey case.&nbsp; the basic form factor is unchanged from the 5.&nbsp; you can download java to it as well from the included cd. i used to be a newton user, then switched to the pilot for basic organization capabilities when the newton was discontinued.&nbsp; i realized after a few months of use that i was really looking for a significantly more capable machine than the pilot, so began a detailed review of the options.&nbsp; as luck would have it, the 5mx had just been announced by psion. i spent over a month thoroughly researching its capabilities (something that i recommend to anyone who is considering the purchase of a gadget that is supposed to assist them it all aspects of their mobile life).&nbsp; i read all the web sites, all the reviews (including the excellent gadgeteer site), and perused all the software that is available.&nbsp; there were a few things that particularly impressed me about the device: 1) operating environment.&nbsp; epoc32 is a mature os with a nicely streamlined user interface.&nbsp; the ui does not tend to get in the way of getting work done.&nbsp; it multitasks, and task switches nearly instantaneously. 2) robust applications.&nbsp; each of the built-in applications seem more like their desktop counterparts than 'watered-down' pocket versions. the word processor supports style sheets, imbedded graphics, and even spreadsheets/graphs; the built-in email app supports multiple mail boxes; the agenda program supports imbedded graphics and very flexible scheduling. i don't feel that i am making a significant compromise in doing work remotely with the device. 3) hardware/form-factor.&nbsp; the psion 5mx has the nicest keyboard of any device in its class.&nbsp; i can actually touch-type at 40-50 wpm on it. the display is decent (not the best in its class, but perfectly usable) -- and is supported by the special hinge mechanism (so tapping on it doesn't tip the machine over).&nbsp; the pen is ergonomically shaped and weighted.&nbsp; it has a mercedes-like feel to it from an engineering perspective.&nbsp; definitely not just another 'clamshell hpc'. </p> Psion Series 7 Psion Series 7


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